Jack is a genius, and quite the detective.  He tracked down the tiny part that was making my accordion whine like a stuck pig. It was fixed promptly and very reasonably.  Highly recommended.

 - Alan Schrack, Atlanta GA

US Airways busted my accordion on my flight to Atlanta to record my new album.  Jack fixed the accordion swiftly and his rates were more than affordable. Thanks Jack!

  - John Bee, American Opera, NY

Excellent. Highly recommended for quality of work.  Very friendly fellow, and you'll have a hard enough time finding ANY other accordion repair person in the area, let alone a better one.

  - Jared Price, Athens GA

Fast service, great prices, and outstanding quality!  I'm so glad to have found Jack, who quickly fixed my Rivoli accordion mic and two broken reeds. Very happy to be able to finally deliver the loudly amped-up accordion experience that everyone wants and loves!

   - Tracy M, Atlanta GA

Not only did I learn a ton of stuff about accordion from Jack, but the way my old Hohner plays now is incredible.  I think for the quality of work that he did, I was probably criminally undercharged.  Thanks again, Jack!

  - Matthew B, Auburn AL

Amazing customer service. I brought in my accordion and received multiple updates throughout the repair (awesome for impatient people like me). Not only does my accordion sound better, it looks brand new. Would definitely recommend!

    - Brittany J, Athens GA

I brought Jack an old Hohner student model that had been sitting in the closet for years, a gift for which I'd not found a use. He did a wonderful job getting it back in playing shape. The best part is that Jack can explain the accordion inner workings in language that a layman can understand. Also, he's played a wide variety of instruments and if you know what you plan to do with it, he can really help you to select an appropriate model. I had no idea accordions could be so different from one another. I thought the price was reasonable, and I think you'll be pleased as well.

  - Jim Clendenin, Atlanta GA


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