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It all started in the 1990's, when two of my accordions needed tuning...

...and I could not find a tuner anywhere close to home.

So I shipped the first accordion to a shop far, far away.  I got it back nicely tuned - but after a long, long wait. 

I did not want the same routine with the other instrument, a fine little button box.

I contacted concertina builder & luthier Bob Tedrow of Homewood Music in Birmingham (not local, but drivable) to see if he would tune my button box.

During our call I mentioned having repaired & built guitars for years. Bob replied that in that case, no, he would not tune it for me.   Instead he asserted "You can do this.  Come to the shop and I will show you how!"

Which he did:  building a bellows table, the tools, the techniques... and a good shot of encouragement.  Thank you Bob!

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