We love restoring accordions - and getting to know the folks who play them.



A hobby born of necessity - that grew into a business.

I couldn’t find anyone to repair my own, so I learned accordion repair myself. Now it seems I’m the only accordion-fixer folks can find in the area.

Glad to help if you need repair, want to shop for one, or if you inherited an accordion... and don't know what to do with it.



Artist Brianna Alexander found her way here... looking for a place to work as an apprentice as she finished restoring the 70 yr. old Hohner she acquired for WWII reenactment. Within a week or two she was beyond "apprentice", mastering skills one right after another... and creating new, better methods along the way.


GMirate SClearman keyboard 2.jpg

Susan Clearman,  pianist, accordionist, organist, composer, and accompanist - rebuilding a keyboard. Glad she finds time to help in the shop!   

TOOLS OF THE TRADE -  Tuning bench with pedal-bellows, Peterson tuner, Google Sheets for precise tracking of a tuning project... and a pair of good ears (not pictured).

April 24, 2016 

"Fantastic! Very knowledgeable, fine work. I always knew exactly where Jack was in the process of repairs, because he's very good at communicating and fast to respond to messages and questions. I highly recommend!”