#5006[R] Silvestri 34/48 MM [Available Nov. 20]  


#5006[R] Silvestri 34/48 MM [Available Nov. 20]  


34 keys, 48 basses  Rentable!

2/4, MM (no switch)

Treble keys= 18mm (same as "17 inch" 41-key)

Button spacing= 17.5mm (wider than typical 15mm)

Original hard case

Sharp, clear, full sound in a nimble instrument!  The musette tuning is toward dry/mild: ~2 bps at the low end, faster toward high end. 

$900 Price includes rebuilding keyboard and adjusting action to buyer's preference!  Delivery: 2 weeks.  

**OR** - it's available immediately as-is (without keyboard work): $700.  

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